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374Water is a cleantech company making a positive impact in the world by innovating the waste industry with advanced and superior technology. Our AirSCWO unit utilizes Supercritical Water Oxidation(SCWO) to eliminate waste and hazardous materials by converting waste into safe minerals, water and energy.

Why should you join?

Our team of highly talented and motivated Pioneers, are working together to make a positive and sustainable impact globally. We’re developing and deploying unique technology, disrupting the waste and water industry, contributing to a circular economy and creating a sustainable future.

What do we offer?

Working at 374Water offers opportunities for technological advancement, professional growth, and team buildling with talented co-workers. 

We offer: Innovation 

  • You’ll be involved in developing and utilizing innovative solutions for a sustainable future Impact 
  • Your work will deliver solutions that create a sustainable and healthier world Environment 
  • Embark on a career centered on sustainability, with a mission to preserve a clean and healthy environment Growth 
  • Join 374Water while the company grows and be part of our success journey