WasteWatch 2024: Indiana

in the heart of the Midwest of the US is known for its basketball and agricultural products (mostly corn and soybeans). The state has many staple bodies of water such as Lake Michigan to the North and the Ohio River in the Eastern part of the state. With having such substantial bodies of water the […]

WasteWatch2024: Iowa

Iowa, set in the Midwest’s flat plains, is a top producer of corn, cattle, and hogs. Being a major leader in agricultural production brings challenges. Notably, nitrate and phosphorus runoff, pesticide contamination, sedimentation, industrial and urban runoff, as well as PFAS contamination. The basics on Iowa:Life Expectancy – 77.5, 20th in the nationPopulation – 3.201MLand Area […]

WasteWatch 2024: Maine

Maine is known for its rocky coastline, serene national parks, and being the end point of the Appalachian trail. In recent years legislation has been passed to safeguard water sources. Despite such initiatives, Maine continues to deal with several environmental challenges such as PFAS, bacterial contamination, eutrophication, and excess waste in landfills. Here is what […]

WasteWatch 2024: Texas

The state of Texas, the second largest state in the country, borders four other states. From prairies and lush forests in the east, and arid deserts in the west, Texas is home to diverse landscapes. In recent years, Texas has established water quality standards for rivers, lakes, and estuaries as well as implemented pollution control […]

WasteWatch 2024: Minnesota

The state of Minnesota lies on the shores of Lake Superior and the final state the Mississippi river runs through. Home to a myriad of lakes, forests, and a variety of wildlife. While the state manages water quality and testing at a high standard, Minnesota deals with environmental challenges, including PFAS and agricultural runoff leading […]

WasteWatch 2024: Michigan

The state of Michigan shares a coast with 4 out of the 5 great lakes, extending all the way up the state’s northern peninsula. The shoreline spans Lake Superior, the largest body of freshwater in the world. While Michigan’s diverse landscape is home to rich wildlife and an array of outdoor activities, the state continues […]