What is Supercritical Water Oxidation?

AirSCWO is a physical-thermal process powered by water above its critical point (374°C and 221 bar) and air that yields a highly effective oxidation reaction that completely eliminates organic compounds. The reaction generates energy and safe products that can be recovered and reused.

how it works

AirSCWO™ harnesses an efficient decentralized solution for treating a broad range of waste feedstocks rapidly, continuously, cost-effectively and with unprecedented reliability.

374Water’s AirSCWO™ Systems are compact, modular, and prefabricated units that are energy efficient and cost effective.

Sizing & Performance
Model Daily Capacity

(wet tonne / day)

Container Size
AirSCWO 6 6 -240 40 ft
AirSCWO 30 30 +300 3 x 40 ft
AirSCWO 200 200 +4,000 Bespoke Sizing

efficient engineering

AirSCWO™ harnesses the power of supercritical water without compromising on operational, performance and resource recovery targets.

efficiency benchmarks

  • Elimination Efficiency
  • Life Cycle Costs
  • Compact Footprint
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Clean, Green Technology

SCWO comparison

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Fouling Control
  • Throughput Capacity
  • Corrosion Control
  • Range of Feedstocks

product features

  • Continuously operating

    24x7 flow-through system

  • Compact, modular

    containerized, small footprint

  • Fully-automated

    digital with SCADA and process historian

  • Energy efficient

    self-sustaining power generation

  • Omniprocessor

    processes a wide variety of wastes

our customers say

We saw early on that supercritical water oxidation (SCWO) may change how waste is managed. Our commitment, investment, and execution are part of our corporate culture to make the world itself a better place.

Terry Merrell
Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of Merrell Bros, one of the largest biosolids management companies in North America

Clean water is not a luxury – it’s fundamental to the health and safety of our communities. I am glad I was able to visit 374Water and see the hard work they are doing to eliminate PFAS contamination from our water supply.

David Price
US Congressman serving the Fourth District of North Carolina

We took notice of 374Water and their supercritical water oxidation (SCWO) process early on, identifying this technology’s potential. Stantec has long been at the forefront in sustainable resource recovery.

Michael McWhirter
Vice President, Stantec

OC San is an environmental agency whose mission is to protect public health and the environment, and a leader in the industry. The AirSCWOTM project is just another example of our long history of researching new and innovative technologies to improve wastewater treatment and resource recovery.

John B. Withers
OC San Board Chairman