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option benefits: purchase

You can pay with your capital or you can finance it.

Paying with capital enables you to own the system immediately upon payment. You can amortize the cost of the system over its economic depreciable life. Financing allows you to own the system and use it as security or collateral to borrow the funds to pay for it. You pay monthly principal and interest payments until the loan is fully repaid. You can finance through 374Water or your own financing partner.

option benefits: lease

You can lease a system.

We offer capital and operating leases. A capital lease is like a term loan. The asset and lease liability are carried on your balance sheet, with monthly depreciation and interest expense being recorded. In a capital lease, you are paying for the entire cost of the machine through the lease term and own it at the end, just like a traditional loan. An operating lease is an agreement to use a system over a specified period. The monthly payment obligation is expensed in your operations and shows up only on the profit and loss statement.

An operating lease usually gives a company the lowest monthly payment obligation, as the company is paying only for the value of the system used during the term of the lease. At the end of the operating lease, you do not own the system, but you have the option to either pay the then fair-market value to purchase it or return the system to us.

option benefits: as a service

Let us or a partner treat you waste at your facility.

You can hire us, or one of our partners, to operate and the maintain the system for a specified period. We provide the system, labor, parts, and ancillary system and charge you a monthly fee based on the quantity of feedstock processed. Like an operating lease, the monthly payment obligation is expensed in your operation and shows up only on the profit and loss statement. At the end of the specified period, we take back the system. Installation and removal are not included in the monthly fee

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