374Water to Exhibit at WEF RBC, IFAT Munich, and WasteExpo 

In the coming weeks, 374Water will present and exhibit at key water and waste industry events across the world, including the WEF RBC 2022, IFAT Munich, and WasteExpo. We are excited to participate and to be more engaged in “supercritical conversations” with municipalities and businesses all over the world about SCWO technology.

WEF RBC (Water Environment Federation: Residuals and Biosolids Conference): May 24-27, 2022

We will exhibit at Booth 523 alongside our strategic partners, the Merrell Bros, at the Greater Columbus Convention in Columbus, Ohio. This conference features equipment, technology, and service vendors who are improving water and waste infrastructure throughout the country. Doug Hatler, our Chief Revenue Officer, Dr. Marc Deshusses, our Head of Technology, and Mark Stansbury, our Marketing Manager will attend the exhibition. Dr. Deshusses will speak on the Elimination of PFAS in Wastewater Residuals and Biosolids Using Supercritical Water Oxidation (SCWO) during a Technology Spotlight Presentation on May 26 in Booth 523 starting at 12:35pm EDT. 374Water is a major sponsor of the event as well.

“We are thrilled for 374Water to be a proud sponsor and presenter at such a respected industry event like the WEF Residuals and Biosolids Conference. This is our opportunity to educate the world about the power of AirSCWO™ for the treatment of wastewater residuals and biosolids, espedialy those contaminated with PFAS,” said Doug Hatler, Chief Revenue Officer of 374Water. “To be able to demonstrate this to the world with a fantastic strategic partner like the Merrell Bros. is an amazing feeling as well.”

374Water will exhibit at IFAT in Munich, Germany as part of our global expansion across the United Kingdom and Europe. Dr. Tali Harif, Director of Business Development in UK & Europe, will host environmental technology professionals at Booth B2.500 and explain 374Water’s AirSCWO™ technology for treatment of sewage sludge, hazardous/non-hazardous industrial wastes. Dr. Harif is based in the UK, has over 20 years of experience in commercialization of water and wastewater technologies. She is leading the charge with 374Water’s European expansion.

“The most respected water utilities, municipalities, and industries across Europe and beyond all will be here at IFAT Munich and it is a must for 374Water to be there,” said Dr. Tali Harif. “Europe is in need of a new and groundbreaking sewage sludge and waste stream treatment to meet new regulations, ESG and circular economy objectives. 374Water has revolutionized a technology that can make a lasting impact for all of us.”

WasteExpo: May 9-11, 2022

Dr. Marc Deshusses and our Chief Revenue Officer Doug Hatler will attend Waste Expo in Las Vegas, NV to speak with professionals in the waste and wastewater industries. This event hosted by Waste360 will feature speakers from all over the world to come together and discuss these contaminants of emerging concern (CECs). On May 11th, Dr. Deshusses will be a featured speaker discussing Elimination of PFAS and Emerging Contaminants in Sewage Sludge and Landfill Leachate Using Supercritical Water Oxidation (SCWO).

“We are here to change the waste paradigm and these important conversations are key to making that happen,” mentioned Dr. Marc Deshusses, Co-Founder and Head of Technology at 374Water. “Biosolids, pollution, PFAS, and CECs are not going anywhere until we remediate these global problems with cleantech like supercritical water oxidation. It is up to us to be the drivers of that innovation and bring our message to the world.”

374Water will be attending even more events later in 2022, check out our full events page to see the full calendar! We look forward to having more thought leadership discussions around all of these issues and how to tackle the waste and water crises. Stay tuned for the latest from the 374Water!

By Mark Stansbury, Marketing Manager of 374Water