Global Partners for Development and 374Water Unveil the Homa Bay Blueprint

Welcome to the forefront of sustainable innovation in Africa’s Great Lakes region with 374Water and Global Partners for Development’s “Homa Bay Blueprint“. This groundbreaking project is a paradigm shift in tackling pollution in sanitation and wastewater management, leveraging 374Water’s advanced AirSCWO technology.

What is the ‘Homa Bay Blueprint’?

A unique collaboration between Global Partners for Development and 374Water. The initiative focuses on tackling pollution in sanitation and wastewater in Africa’s Great Lakes region, showcasing a model for sustainable development. Learn More

Where technology, policy, and sustainable development intersect.

Policy Influence The initiative aims to influence public policy and private sector involvement in environmental responsibility.

Technology The Homa Bay Blueprint represents a crucial advancement in environmental innovation, focusing on mitigating pollution and wastewater treatment in critical water bodies.

Community development Focusing on sustainable community development and public health improvements.

The Impact

By effectively managing wastewater, this initiative will dramatically reduce pollution, safeguarding Homa Bay’s ecosystem. For local communities, improving public health and cleaner living conditions. Furthermore, this project sets a benchmark for future sustainable development,

374Water Global Access, impact and innovation

Our Global Access platform aims to deploy long-term, cost-effective, sustainable projects that center around the use of advanced technology to reduce disposal costs, prevent environmental pollution, eliminate organic contaminants, thereby improving public health and overall quality of life in developing countries.

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