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Global Access by 374Water

What it Global Access?

Our Global Access platform aims to deploy long-term, cost-effective, sustainable projects that center around the use of advanced technology to reduce disposal costs, prevent environmental pollution, eliminate organic contaminants, thereby improving public health and overall quality of life in developing markets.

As such, 374Water’s Global Access platform is designed and determined to solve the most pressing global sanitation challenges. Thus, Global Access aims to build sustainable infrastructure that effectively manages and treats a host of municipal and industrial supply-chain waste(s) to ensure we protect our precious water resources. Our tailored solutions were engineered to advance the condition and performance of sanitation infrastructure, in developing markets, at scale, and cheaper than status quo solutions.

By working closely with governments, NGOs, financial organizations, communities, and local businesses in Global Access markets, our platform will deploy innovative sanitation solutions, alongside strategic partners and complementary technologies, to regions that are most vulnerable and currently affected by inadequate sanitation infrastructure.

Why Global Access?

Environmental and social impact is at our core. We believe adequate sanitation is a human right, improves livelihoods, can bring entire communities out of poverty, and protects Earth’s rivers, lakes, and oceans. We believe the most pragmatic, and realistic approach to improve sanitation in the developing world is through decentralized point-source (or end-of-pipe) treatment.

Global Access for Impact

Our desire is to create disruptive, lasting, and sustainable impact in the communities we work in. Although our goal and concern is to protect water resources from pollution abatement (i.e., we release cleaner and safer water into the environment, post treatment), Global Access also seeks to promote sustainable waste management practices, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and building a footprint of socioeconomic impact on the local economies through technological advancement, employment opportunities, and overall, a higher quality of life.

By transforming waste into water, our AirSCWO technology helps to tackle two major environmental issues in disadvantaged communities, simultaneously: waste accumulation and water quality. In short, our tech not only reduces waste volumes, thereby reducing environmental exposure to toxins/pollutants, but also mitigates these same compounds found in effluent streams and emissions from entering bodies of water altogether. Moreover, the technology also has potential economic benefits: it can create jobs related to the manufacturing, operation, and maintenance of our units, reduce negative effects of pollution externalities on the economy and public health, and foment the burgeoning circular economy infrastructure.