374Water Inc. (NASDAQ: SCWO) is a US-based cleantech company with an innovative solution to wastewater treatment and waste management issues. 


374Water’s patented AirSCWO technology has been designated as the “3rd generation of SCWO”, boasting enhanced performance and safety, and transforming organic “wastes” into minimal impact, value-added products. With technology testing at bench scale, pilot scale, and commercial scale, 374Water epitomizes dedication to technological excellence.


As we navigate the pathway of a circular economy, our mission extends beyond mere solutions, aiming to redefine waste management standards. Through relentless innovation, 374Water is not only addressing today’s waste and wastewater challenges but is also laying the foundation for a cleaner and sustainable future.


374Water Leadership

New CEO for 374Water

Chris Gannon

President and CEO

Adrienne Anderson

Adrienne Anderson


Brad Meyers


Megan Baumgarner

Head of People and Culture

Sudhakar Viswanathan

VP Sales

Doron Gez

SVP Marketing

Board members

Rene Estes


Kobe Nagar

Board member

BJ Penn

Board member

James Vanderhider​

Board member

Terry Merrell

Board member

Rick Davis

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Itzik Polad

Board member

Marc Deshusses

Co founder