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WasteWatch2024 – North Carolina

#WasteWatch2024 – Diving this week into North Carolina, environment, water quality and waste.

The state of North Carolina, stretches from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the tranquil Outer Banks barrier islands. While North Carolina’s natural landscapes are undeniably stunning, the state confronts significant environmental challenges.

Here is what you need to know

The basics:
– Life Expectancy is 76.1 (35th in the country)
– Land area:48,607.4 square miles and water area of 5197 square miles
– Population of 10M with median age of 39.2
– Median household income, $67,481

Environmental challenges:
– Microplastics
– Landfills and leachate contamination

Recent news on PFAS in NC:
– Over 1,400 sites throughout North Carolina (PFAS Project Lab, Oct. 2022)
– Communities along the Cape Fear River have resorted to bottled water due to
PFAS levels in their tap water (Spectrum News1, July 2023)
– Families in Cumberland County struggle for access to clean water (NC Health
News, Feb. 2022)

Organizations advocating for the environment:
Cape Fear River WatchNC Conservation NetworkToxic Free NC and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of Research and Development (ORD) in NC

NC climate journalist and reporters to follow:
Adam WagnerLisa SorgLiz McLaughlinJoshua Conner

What’s needed next:
Policy alone is insufficient to tackle the problem. Eradicating PFAS from our drinking water requires a multifaceted approach that includes policy, technology, and innovation, all while working closely with local communities and organizations.